I talked to Johnny from WATERMEDOWN. This is what he had to say.

1. First off, who are you and what genre of music do you make?My name is Jonny, WATERMEDOWN is the band name, and I’m not quite sure what genre of music I play. Convoluted ego-pop rock? Lol

2. If you had to describe your music with a color, what would it be?

It varies with each release, I try to match the music with the colors of the album art.

3. What’s the biggest struggle you have when it comes to creating?

Self-doubt to the point where I scrap 10 whole songs before I can commit to a verse that I’m fine with.

4. If you could play any show in the world, what would it be?

I’d love to play a show at My Brother’s Place in Waldorf, MD again more than anything, really.

5. What do you consider your biggest musical success?

Getting to play shows with Set Your Goals last year. They were a huge musical influence growing up.

6. What inspired you to start making music?

Guitar Hero 2

7. If you could hear any person living or dead sing to you, who would it be?

Jimi Hendrix

8. Who, aside from any band or musician, is your biggest influence?

My best friend Jed who is also the drummer of the band.

9. What’s your favorite book?

The Kissing Hand

10. What do you like to do other than music?

Super Smash Brothers for the Wii U lol

11. Who is your favorite musical artist?

Right now? A band called Warehouse.

12. What’s one piece of advice you have for young musicians?

Step on your right foot, don’t forget it!

13. Lastly, what’s your lucky number?



You can follow the band on Instagram at @watermedown and check out their music on iTunes and Spotify. Be sure to check out their new LP “The Same View With A New Light”.



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