When I first heard this EP, I thought “what the hell are they doing?”, but then I realized that I had a different song playing in another window. When I paused it, everything made sense.

The first track by Graduating Life, “Metallica Rocks” (or Metallica Rules, it was labelled differently on bandcamp)  instantly caught me by the ear and drew me in. While I know that not everyone is a fan of scratchy yelling vocals, I, however, am.

The beautiful chaos that is “Mom Jeans Sucks (austin drives a fast car tho)” is ,while at first I wasn’t sure, actually a damn good song. It’s basically three minutes of indie pop punk bliss. From the incohesive mid-song switch to the scratchy vocals that followed, after I heard it I knew that I was soon to become a fan of Graduating Life.  

The first thing I liked about “Heck You Bart, Pt. II: Electric Boogaloo” was obviously the name. Any song with a name like that is worth a listen. The track reminds me of a meshed-together version of the entire discography of Modern Baseball, which is one of my favorite bands. There are, of course, other elements that make this song uniquely Mom Jeans., but if I had to pick a specific band it reminded me of, that band would without a doubt be Modern Baseball.

Seven seconds into “Shred Cruz”, I added it to my monthly favorites Spotify playlist. I only add between 20-30 tracks to the entire playlist, so that alone should describe how much I dig this song. One particular lyric that spoke out to me was “I wish I could just call you up and tell you that I miss you/But I’m doing fine/Are you alright?”. I’ll definitely have Shred Cruz on repeat throughout April.

All in all, this is a kickass EP. While recording quality could be better, it definitely fits the band and genre, so I wouldn’t have liked it as much should it have been major label quality. Graduating Life and Mom Jeans. are exactly what I love about indie music- they aren’t trying to be perfect.


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