Eat Your Heart Out “Carried Away” EP Review

Eat Your Heart Out just released their debut EP entitled  “Carried Away”. The Aussie five-piece band carefully crafted an extended play reminiscent of Tonight Alive, and I couldn’t be more addicted to it. While my music tastes had drifted away from the female-led pop punk genre, Carried Away quickly drew me back in.

Upon listening to the first track, “Drag Me Down,” I quickly found out why Eat Your Heart Out had been picked up by Fearless Records. The band should be renamed “Eat Your Ears Out”. It’s always exciting to hear a song with relatable lyrics, and the line “drag me down until you feel alright” is something that most people can apply to a person that’s screwed them over in some way or another.


Melodically, “Something In The Way” is my favorite song on Carried Away. While there’s no particular lyric that stands out to me in particular, it’s still a kickass song and I’ve already added it to my April 2017 playlist.


“Patience”, to me, is the most meaningful song on the EP. Every lyric, every note, every beat speaks to me. “Are you losing yourself for somebody else?”, the song asks. Yes. I’m losing myself for Eat Your Heart Out.


Overall, I highly recommend Carried Away to any alt-rock fan, especially those who enjoy bands among the likes of New Years Day, Tonight Alive, and We Are The In Crowd. Good job, Fearless. You made the right choice on this one.


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