Ron Gallo Interview


1. First off, who are you and what genre of music do you make?

My name is Ron Gallo.

2. If you had to describe your music with a color, what would it be?

black, pink and gold.

3. What’s the biggest struggle you have when it comes to creating?


4. If you could play any show in the world, what would it be?

I would like to play a show in Myst with Getz/Gilberto performing “The Girl From Ipanema” album and Henry Rollins doing spoken word.

5. What do you consider your biggest musical success?

I received an incredibly powerful e-mail from a young person saying that their life was in a very dark place and they were strongly considering killing themselves and then they heard our music at exactly the right time and it gave them a reason to keep going.  Nothing will ever top that.  In second place is the one time, Joe, our bassist, taught RZA from Wu-Tang how do to play “Wind Cries Mary” on guitar inside of a Teepee and I watched.

6. What inspired you to start making music?

A christmas gift.

7. If you could hear any person living or dead sing to you, who would it be?

Mahalia Jackson

8. Who, aside from any band or musician, is your biggest influence?

Eckhart Tolle and Andy Kaufman.

9. What’s your favorite book?

I just finished “Autobiography of a Yogi” by Paramahansa Yogananda and it showed me the potential of human life.

10. What do you like to do other than music?

Wash dishes, clean the house, meditate.

11. Who is your favorite musical artist?

The Stooges.

12. What’s one piece of advice you have for young musicians?

Remember that it’s music – no one has to like it or care about it, ever. So make things that are meaningful and honest and contribute to the world and if you do that, the only other thing to do is keep going.

13. Lastly, what’s your lucky number?



You can find Ron Gallo on Instagram at @rongallo and check out his music on Spotify.


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