The Seamonsters “Lost (And Found)” Review


“Lost (And Found)”, a song soon to be released by the all girl Sheffield based band The Seamonsters, brings us straight into the contemporary indie scene of today. This song is their fifth song to be released, and another example of the band’s signature sound that they seemed to find very early in their career. However, this song in particular does have its own uniqueness. One thing that stands out when first hearing the single is the ambient melody that gives it the natural indie rock feel that the band has shown in the past. But then pulls you in near the end with the background vocals. Giving the song an emotional but uplifting vibe.
Another thing that stands out with “Lost (And Found)” is that the production quality of the song itself is surprisingly high for a band that hasn’t released many songs. What I mean is time and time again we see newer bands that are still looking for their signature sound, and The Seamonsters have obviously already found theirs. And reflected it in this single. Reminding me of bigger indie rock bands like, for example, Metric.
The overall lyrics of the song are well written and delivered beautifully over the music. But there is something to be said about the vocals which were harmoniously sung alongside the main vocals. Which added to the more ambient atmosphere, and definitely add to the feeling of importance in the lyrics.
All in all the band will be releasing a single that has both replayability and built up merit. And will keep their image of a self-proclaimed indie glitter rock band fresh in the minds of anybody who listens. “Lost (And Found)” is certainly a symbol of what’s to come from the up and coming all-girl indie rock band The Seamonsters.


You can follow The Seamonsters on Instagram at @the_seamonsters, and be sure to check them out on Soundcloud.


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