Courage My Love Interview


1. First off, who are you and what genre of music do you make?

I’m Mercedes, the lead singer and guitar player of Courage My Love, and we are an alternative pop band.

2. If you had to describe your music with a color, what would it be?

Our new album is called Synesthesia, and we wrote it about feeling confused, passionate, happy, sad, emotional. It covers a lot of different emotions on the spectrum, so I think it if we had to describe it as a colour we would pick a lot of different colours on the colour spectrum. Deep blues, vibrant pinks and purples, somber blacks and hesitant whites.

3. What’s the biggest struggle you have when it comes to creating?

We found it difficult writing out last album, simply because we were struggling to determine who we are as a band. We hadn’t found our sound yet, at that point. We knew we wanted to express more, take bigger risks, and step outside of the box, we just weren’t sure how to do it. But I think by the end of the process we really opened up creatively and now we feel completely free. It just took a while to get there.

4. If you could play any show in the world, what would it be?

It’s always been a dream of mine to play with Radiohead. They’re my all time favorite band, so working with them in any capacity would be amazing. Opening for them would blow my mind.

5. What do you consider your biggest musical success?

I’m very proud of our new record and the critical acclaim we’ve received as a band thus far. It’s hard to pinpoint what success is, as it’s sort of an objective thing between individuals. My biggest success if writing music that I love, getting to play all over the world, and meeting amazing people because of it.

6. What inspired you to start making music?

My sister and I wrote songs together ever since we were very young. I think music has always been in our blood. I was interested in other artistic things growing up, but nothing really hit me the way creating music has. I just think it’s something we were always meant to do.  

7. If you could hear any person living or dead sing to you, who would it be?

Tom York singing “Nude” every night before I fall asleep.

8. Who, aside from any band or musician, is your biggest influence?

Dario Argento is an Italian horror director, and his movies all have this artful, dreamlike quality. They are beautiful, and terrifying. Any still frame from one of his movies could be a work of art. I especially love “Suspiria”. That movie inspired a lot of the art direction in our music video for “Stereo” and lyrics on our new album.  

9. What’s your favorite book?

There are so many! It’s very hard to choose. I was really inspired while reading “The Portrait Of Dorian Gray” by Oscar Wylde. That book stayed with me for a long time.

10. What do you like to do other than music?

Phoenix and I are obsessed with horror movies, and we both used to act, so I think we’re very drawn to the film world. I also write poems and stories in my spare time. We both love being creative in as many ways as we can.

11. Who is your favorite musical artist?

Radiohead and my favorite album of theirs is “In Rainbows”.

12. What’s one piece of advice you have for young musicians?

I know it sounds corny, but never stop. If you really want it and really believe this is your future, all you have to do is keep going and eventually I guarantee you something will happen! So many young artists give up because someone tells them they aren’t capable enough, or because they realize that it’s not going to happen overnight. In my experience, the ones that stick around, keep playing shows, build their fans base, and work hard always end up succeeding in the end. You just can’t give up.

13. Lastly, what’s your lucky number?


You can follow Couage My Love on Instagram at @couragemylove, and be sure to check them out on iTunes and Spotify.


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