As some of you may remember, it was announced this past summer that The Friday Thirteen would be launching a correlating podcast. There’s been a slight delay in releasing episodes- that is, they haven’t been released yet. At all. Anywhere.

But this is changing! Approximately 6 episodes (that’s 6 hours of interview content, by the way) have been recorded and edited. Launching January 1st, the podcast will come to life.

However, the website is most likely coming to an end. There is no official end date, but the content uploads have dwindled down over the past few months- and not for a lack of interviews. Over 60 bands have already been interviewed for The Friday Thirteen and remain unpublished- an atrocity that will be taken care of ASAP. But for the time coming, ALL new interviews will be recorded in podcast format.

If you or your band think you have what it takes to be featured in an episode (and that’s really just drive and at least a bit of talent), then submit your stuff to The staff here at The Friday Thirteen will get back to you at the earliest convenience.

Make sure to follow The Friday 13 Live on Soundcloud so that you’ll be updated as soon as episodes begin to release.


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